Nilsa Eberhart has been trained and authorized as a Kunlun Facilitator Apprentice to teach the KUNLUN® System by Sifu Max Christensen.

Born in RioPiedras, lived in Switzerland until 2009 where she worked as an Art Director. Trains Capoeira since 1994 with Brasil Capoeira from Mestre Matias and has the Profesor belt.

Studied Zen Shiatsu at the European Shiatsu Institute in Switzerland, Germany and Italy receiving her Practitioner Diploma in 2006 in Florence.

Beside speaking Spanish and English, Nilsa also speaks perfect Swiss-German, German, Portuguese (Br), French and Italian.

Being involved in energy work, like Shiatsu, develops the sense of perception to a very high level, where intuition becomes the more subtle instrument of work. The KUNLUN practices has been invaluable in the development of this perception.

At the end of 2007, Nilsa learns about the work of Max Christensen through a friend in California and understand that this art is for her. "Direct experience is the best teaching" says Sifu Max. Nilsa participated in seminars with Sifu Max in Haute Savoie (Fr), Oslo (N), Phoenix (Arizona) and California.

"Max is a great teacher, leading you exactly where you need to go, allowing you to develop your risistance to absorb the large amounts of energy generated during the KUNLUN practice. Before learning this art, was like any other person who says, oh, I do not know meditate. My vision of what meditation is has completely changed since then. Here, tis no need to spend hours and hours for years and years, sitting on a lotus flower in front of a wall waiting to ignite the inner light. The connection is instantaneous, so cultivation is much more interesting
and varied "
  max y yo

The different meditation practices and lessons learned, as the KUNLUN System, Red Phoenix and Golden Flower develop the manifestation and projection of the magnetic energy of the body thereby opening a whole new spectrum of possibilities in the energy work.

Now after some years of practice, Nilsa understands that it's time to introduce this system in Puerto Rico, and absorbs the KUNLUN System Apprentice Program with her Sifu. This is a trial period of three years which authorizes her to teach while continuing to learn and cultivate these arts.

Sifu Max in the middle with the students of the
KUNLUN System - Apprentice Program

Sifu Max proudly presents a new Taoist KUNLUN Apprentice 21.4.2012

Kunlun Apprentices 2012

Nilsa Eberhart - Certified Taoist Kunlun Apprentice by Max Christensen and Primordial Alchemist LLC
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