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Manifestations of the practices

Kunlun - peak of the mountain / the top of the head

The KUNLUN System, includes of a series of ancient practices of the Taoist tradition of southern China. These internal alchemy practices, combines secret techniques of breathing and simple mudras designed to facilitate self-empowerment and rapid re-lightenment. KUNLUN method is the formless form, is the way to the end of learning, the journey to self discovery.

By cultivating these practices, we can regenerate and purify the physical body, activating the 72'000 nadis (nerves), releasing blockages and toxins accumulated in the cells using magnetic energy. The system follows the downward flow, the water path , it is very safe, completely different to Kundalini, which is the upstream flow of the fire element. The effects described below are just the very beginning, it all depends on how much you want to transform. Your body will adjust to its natural flow.
At its highest point of cultivation leads to the activation of "Golden Dragon Body", also known as the returnable "Rainbow Body". The system is divided into three levels which can last from 6 months to a year, this time is necessary to bring the practitioner to awake the three dantiens in a safe way, adapting and absorbing the energy as it is developed.

The System, utilizes a unique magnetic field that prepares and protects the body from an overt or long standing increase in chi or bio-etheric energy. The chi practice taught in this system is designed for and balanced by the KUNLUN magnetic (heart) field generated in this system. When other systems are taught, in particular, systems that increase the fire element such as Kundalini or systems that increase the Chi as in Chi Gong without the proper preparation of the connection of all three dantiens in a strong magnetic field produced by the middle dantien or heart, it can potentially lead to biological strain at minimum or neurological dysfunction leading to a breakdown of all biological systems in the body, therefore, It is imperative that the KUNLUN NEI GUNG System be practice as a complete system and not mixed with any other system of enlightenment. When practicing the KUNLUN System seperate it by a day with your other practices.

max   The KUNLUN System was created by the efforts of my teacher Max Christensen, also known as Lama Ngakpha Dorje (Tibetan), Ching Fung Dao Shr (Chinese Taoist), and the efforts of his various Taoist teachers that he has come to know through both his training and friendships with them throughout his life.
He chose the name KUNLUN System because it represents the many aspects and flavors of his different teacher´s philosophies. It embodies the idea of the path of no more learning symbolized by the image of the peak of the mountain also reflecting the top of the head. The KUNLUN System also representative of a path that students could perfect without the dogma of other systems.

In the KUNLUN System he has taught over the years, Max stresses the underlying principles of all his teachers. The image of the Kunlun mountains reflect the spirituality and philosophies of his master´s heart and spirit, instilling within the practitioner how to be self-awakening, self-healing and self-knowing.

His masters all agreed that this name was representative of a system in which the practitioner could awaken themselves through their own efforts, a system that would build the practitioner´s character and bring forth a person who could then assist in the growth of others.

**Max's system is not the same in style, form or result as that of his teachers.**
This system stresses uniqueness, constant growth, and the empowerment of humanity.

There is a Taoist system called Kunlun Pai, but it is more of a martial art and a style of qi gong.


kunlun mountains



Practicing KUNLUN method regularly will purify the entire body as the seventy-two thousand nerves called nadis, are toned and cleared by the psychic heat generated. The end result is that the nerves can handle much stronger magnetic potentials, which is very important, because the further you go with this practice the stronger the internal current becomes.

Red Phoenix One
It is one of the most Ancient Teachings of the Maoshan branch that was once only taught to the head instructor in the monasteries and temples. It is the practice of rapid re-enlightenment, awakening ones dormant spiritual potential quickly, safely and without effort.

Golden Flower
Uses the three energy centers to refine the qualities of the body, mind and spirit alchemically.

5 Elements
Strengthen the organs, balancing the emotions and is the physical building block toward spiritual freedom.

One breath
This basic method results in the balancing of the body, mind and spirit, and bringing calmness to the active mind.

Some other techniques you can learn are:
I-jong: 7-10 min, 3 point healing, Rubbing the Mung point, Nuur practice and Laughter chi gung.


This method help to stretch and open the back and to allow the free flowing of chi throughout the energy meridian of the spine.

Maoshan Traveling Hands
For Spirit travel, inner awareness development and sleep yoga.

Some other techniques you can learn are:
Red Phoenix Two, Reverse breathing, 3-ones meditation, Grass gliding, Sun absorbing practice and Sleep yoga.


Red Sun
Helps release hidden mental blockages hidden within the heart.

Some other techniques you can learn are:
Red Phoenix Three, Tree Posture, Moving 5-elements, Penetrating stance, Mystical hands and Magnetic games.

Not Recommended if you’Ķ
Have less than 1 yr of sobriety
Under the age of 18
Blood Cancer




Purifies the body of toxins accumulated in the cells through magnetic energy.

An overwhelming sense of inner joy that opens the heart and persists for long periods of time.

Increased physical energy.

Opens your energy channels to allow it to flow freely, giving the opportunity to discover, access and collect this source of inner strength.

Develops the innate abilities which lie dormant in the brain.

Rejuvenates and stimulates the functions of inner systems and internal organs.

Recognizes your true nature through direct experience with your own divine essence, to the point of your own awakening.

Develops a real awareness of the things that keep you in limitation and how easy it is to unlock these hidden forms through body movement.

It teaches that no intermediate or guru is really necessary once you connect with the one law of nature within you and all living beings, not to give your personal power, but to win it again.

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